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Our Services

Marble Installation


Habiqo Flooring specializes in custom finishing, installations and material sourcing for all your hardwood flooring needs. As flooring specialists, we are always abreast on new techniques, materials and finishes in the industry. Every project represents our organization; therefore, we take great strides to achieve perfection and client satisfaction.

Tile Installation


Tile is durable and versatile, excellent for kitchen and bathroom floors. Create attractive flooring with our assortment of stylish tile and leave the rest to our professional tile installers in Miami!

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Laminate Installation


If you believe that the floor has always been an important part of a welcoming house, we are your best choice to have that perfect and envied floor.

Vinyl Installation


For the most budget friendly tile installation, vinyl tiles and carpet tiles are worth considering. They offer low cost, easy replacement and an incredibly broad selection of styles, colors and qualities.

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Hardwood Installation


Our professional craftsmans mastered the hardwood floor magic through endless complete installations, dustless sandings, seamless refinishings, matching stainings, complicate repairs and almost impossible hardwood floor restorations.

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