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About Us

For years, Habiqo Flooring has been the

most trusted name among flooring contractors in Miami. Whether you’re planning new construction or a remodeling project, we can handle any  installation. Our friendly team will walk you through our selection of floors where you’ll find marble, vinyl, hardwood and more! Then, we will show you the options for best tile installation.

With Habiqo, you’re guaranteed find an inspiration and to create your perfect livingroom, bathroom or kitchen. You’re never on your own either.

You’ll have 24-hour access to our customer assistants and experienced, courteous tile installers. At Habiqo, we’re proud to offer the perfect combination of customer service, impressive selection of tiles, and incredible craftsmanship in Miami.

When it comes to flooring installation services in the Miami-Dade Area, Habiqo Flooring is the top choice!

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